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Gong in Sound Massage

A Gong can be understood as a special kind of singing bowl and according to his sound belongs to the same family. It is made of a bronze alloy.

Through its flat shape a Gong has a much more intensive sound development and radiation than singing bowls. Therefore special care has to be taken when using it for sound massage.

Its range of application in sound massge therapy sound pedagogics by Peter Hess® is for example:
  • Resolving blockades in body and aura
  • Harmonizing and strengthening of the spine
  • Enhancing circulation
  • Cleansing of the aura
  • Energizing
  • Providing a safe place of sound protection
  • Sound- and fantasy-travels
  • Meditation
  • Concerts
  • Body therapeutic settings
  • Sound pedagogic settings
The Chinese Fen Gong is an almost completely flat disc from polished brass. Because of its radiating shine it is sometimes called Sun-Gong. It is almost without edge from a thin light yellow metal plate and slightly bend. This eases the radiation of the oscillations and the Gong vibrates strongly when hit with enough power. This Gong is of extra ordinary quality for any kind of sound therapy.

It can be played from both sides, the smaller size with a diameter of 55cm can also be hold in hand easily. The bigger Gongs are hung in a frame. They are valuable companions for sound massage and therapy.

A Fen Gong is works well to energetically clean rooms and is also very decorative.

The Tam Tam Gong ( Chinese Temple Gong) is made by hand from a heavy metal plate. The finished Gong has a tensioned, black edge and black centre. In between the surface is polished golden.

Because of its backward bent edge the Tam Tam Gong is not sounding as spectacular as a Fen Gong for example. Its sound character is volumous (massive) and can reach from very deep (large Gongs) to high sounds (small gongs). In general the Tam Tam Gong has centering sound and is made in perfect quality for sound work.

Cymbals come in pairs attached to each other by a leather band. Their relief patterns (e.g. OM-signs or signs of blessedness) are symbolic and do not influence the sound of these instruments. Tibetians believe in a transfer of the symbols’ power through the sound into the environment.

Cymbals have an extremely high pitched sound and are mostly perceived in the area of the head. They bring clarity and alertness and are therefore often used towards the end of a sound massage.

Most of our cymbals originate from India and are hand-produced by exile tibetians. Only our Peter Hess Zen-Cymbals exclusively for sound massage are made in Nepal. They are founded from a bronze-alloy, reworked by hand and brightly polished.

Gong Fertigung

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