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Bowl & Areas of the Body

Because of 20 years of experience in working with singing bowls in sound massage, sound massage-therapy, and sound pedagogies we were able to optimize our singing bowls more and more towards better sound, oscillation and shape.

This means singing bowls are especially made for sound massage and therapeutic work. They are produced according to the body area they will be used in to reach a sound spectrum suitable for the area. For our work the following singing bowls were developed:


"Head Bowl"

This thin walled singing bowl emits a high pitched sound suitable for frontal and paranasal sinuses.

small and large „Heart Bowl"

Frequencies of these bowls especially appeal to the upper body parts. The small heart bowl was developed for work with children but can also be used in regular sound massage. The large heart bowl was developed with professional use in mind.

small and large „Pelvis Bowl”

Pelvis bowls offer a range of sounds for the lower body and can vary with different mallets. With a large (soft) mallet, it will emit sounds of lower frequencies for the lower body. A medium mallet provides frequencies for the solar plexus (above belly button).

"Joint/Universal Bowl"

It provides a broad range of sounds, to serve the whole body and features intense vibrations. It is especially suited for hand and feet reflex zone massage as well as to be used on joints.

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