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Sound massage

What is Peter Hess-Sound Massage and how does it work?

During a Sound Massage overtone-rich singing bowls are positioned on certain body parts and sounded softly. The massaged person is lying comfortably on his back or stomach. Usually Sound Massage is accepted quickly and conceived as very soothing. It is of advantage that for a Sound Massage one does not have to take off their clothing.

Through Sound Massage a healthy person will be developing a greater inner harmony and is strengthened to tackle everyday tasks; their creativity receives new impulses. When plagued by physical, mental and emotional problems Sound Massage helps to free the body of ailments, daily stress, sorrows and fears – health will be strengthened.

Meanwhile professionals of Peter Hess® Sound Massage have gained valuable experience through over a million Sound Massages in numerous fields of professions. In the process the following facts have proved to be true:
  • A state of deep relaxation can be reached quickly, because sound appeals to the person’s primal confidence.
  • Relaxation can loosen tension and blockades.
  • Every single body cell is massaged gently and harmonized.
  • Confidence, Creativity and Creativeness can be influenced positively.
  • The body’s self-healing-powers will be strengthened and a new joy for living will emerge.
  • Sound Massage works on Body, Soul and Spirit all at once.
Sound Massage, taught by a professional, is easy to learn even for beginners and can be used immediately for relaxation in private, with family or friends, but also in the field of Wellness and Cosmetics. Professionals in the fields of pedagogics, therapy, as well as healing professions (teachers, remedial teachers, doctors, psychological therapists, speech therapists, alternative practitioners, occupational therapists, social workers, to only name a few) use Sound Massage to support development-, counseling- and healing processes. The wide range of use starts with prenatal classes and ends with end-of-life care.

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